• A Realtor is an expert in evaluating homes in current market conditions and has the resources to do this as accurately as possible. They can prepare a comprehensive market analysis for you on your home’s value at no obligation. They will help you with the tricky task of setting a selling price. Price too high and you’ll discourage potential buyers; but price too low and you may be doing yourself a disservice.
  • A Realtor can advise you on home repairs and maintenance to maximize your selling price. They can tell you what works from their experience in the market.A Realtor will list your home through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a substantial database of properties that all Realtors have access to. Through the MLS, your property will also be listed on the RealtyLink public access website, RealtyLink In Print newspapers and on daily hotsheets distributed to Realtors.
  • When you use a Realtor to sell your home, you’re enlisting the services of a marketing professional. They already have in place a proven marketing plan that will advertise the listing of your home to the general public, neighbours, their clients, their professional contacts and, most importantly, qualified
  • A Realtor will deal with the scheduling of appointments, the showings of your house, and the all-important follow-up calls with potential buyers. They are experienced negotiators who will liaise with buyers and their agents on your behalf to get you the maximum price, the best terms and close the deal.
  • A Realtor has a full understanding of the legal contracts and obligations involved with selling your home and will advise you on your rights and responsibilities. Their professional knowledge can be indispensable in putting together a successful deal.